Vehicle Color Change

About Vehicle Colour Change Services

Are you looking to give your car a fresh new look or simply want to stand out on the road? Our Vehicle Color Change service is the perfect solution for you. We pride ourselves on offering a range of benefits that not only improve your car’s appearance but also protect its paintwork, ensuring your vehicle stays in top condition for years to come.


Unique and Eye-Catching Appearance:

A vehicle colour change can completely transform the look of your car, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Choose from our wide selection of colours, finishes, and textures to create a personalized design that reflects your taste and personality. Whether you prefer a sleek matte finish, a glossy shine, or a metallic sparkle, our expert team will help you achieve the perfect result.


Protect and Preserve Your Car’s Paintwork:

Our high-quality vinyl wraps not only provide a stunning visual effect but also serve as a protective layer for your vehicle’s original paint. By shielding it from everyday wear and tear, such as scratches, UV exposure, and other environmental factors, our color change service helps extend the lifespan of your car’s paintwork.


Easily Reversible:

Unlike traditional paint jobs, our vehicle colour change service is completely reversible. Should you decide to switch back to the original colour or opt for a new design, our vinyl wraps can be safely removed without causing any damage to your car’s paint.



Compared to a full paint job, our vehicle colour change service is a more affordable and time-efficient option. Achieve a stunning transformation without breaking the bank, and enjoy the benefits of our professional expertise and quality materials.

Discover Endless Color Possibilities

We take pride in offering a diverse range of colour options to suit your unique preferences. With three top-quality brands and over 300+ colours to choose from, our selection is unparalleled in the industry. Beyond the extensive variety of available colours, we also provide the ability to customize any colour you desire, ensuring that your vehicle’s appearance truly reflects your personal style. Experience the advantage of our superior colour choices and personalized service by choosing our car wrapping services for your vehicle transformation.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Color Change Services

How long does the color change process take?

A: The process typically takes between 3 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the design and the size of your vehicle. Our team will provide you with an estimated completion time during your consultation.

How much does a vehicle color change cost?

A: The cost of a vehicle color change varies based on the size of your vehicle, the chosen material, and the complexity of the design. We provide custom quotes for each project, so please contact us for a personalized estimate.

Will the color change damage my car’s original paint?

A: No, our high-quality vinyl wraps are designed to protect your car’s original paint from damage. The wraps can be safely removed without causing any harm to the paintwork.

Can I choose any color or finish for my vehicle?

A: We offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures for you to choose from. However, some restrictions may apply due to local regulations or the availability of certain materials. Our team will work with you to find the perfect option that meets your preferences and complies with any relevant regulations.

How long does the vinyl wrap last?

A: A high-quality vinyl wrap can last between 3 to 7 years with proper care and maintenance. Factors such as exposure to sunlight, weather conditions, and driving habits can influence the longevity of the wrap.

How do I maintain and care for my vehicle after the color change?

A: To maintain the appearance and durability of your vinyl wrap, avoid using abrasive cleaning products and equipment. Opt for a gentle, touchless car wash, or hand wash using a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight when possible, and consider using a protective wax or sealant designed specifically for vinyl wraps.

Is the colour change process reversible?

A: Yes, our vehicle color change service is fully reversible. If you decide to revert to the original color or choose a new design, our team can safely remove the vinyl wrap without damaging your car’s paintwork.

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